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When you think about games you usually picture yourself a fun and amusing scenario with sunny characters. Zombie games are the absolute opposite of that notion.

That’s why it’s so surprising that this type of genre is so popular among kids.
There are different names for this genre. It can be Scary games, Zombie games, Horror games etc.

The idea is the same, creatures with scary faces, mummies, a lot of blood and creepy sound.

It’s common to relate zombie games to action or shooting games, because most of the time the purpose of the game is to kill the zombies that are coming at you.

But while other fighting games like Naruto games are based on physical contact and competition against an opponent that fight back, free zombie games require very little skills, just quick release of gunshot bullets.

The plots are often very similar. You are strand in a deserted area and you are surrounded by plenty of living-dead zombies, and you need to kill them before they turn you into one of them.

The levels are distinguished by the amount of creatures attacking you at the same time.

I guess there is something very appealing in scary games. It can be more exciting than just playing Sonic or Airplane games, and the creatures are drawn pretty cool and have nice avatars.

We can also see the demand for scary experience in movies. Many of the successful action movies are very scary and attract a lot of viewers, so why should it be different for online games?

However, before you decide to play online zombie games, be sure you are up to it and that you are not affected easily by the characters and plot. For certain kids playing those games can be a true nightmare and they should be aware of the side effects that may occur. Play online free miniclip games

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