Bingo for Education

Bingo game is very well known for children, especially for learning English in elementary level.This method can be your alternative for play online bingo. Bingo games are very effective as a way of enriching students’ vocabulary. This game can be for reviewing learning materials. How to play this game is very easy.

1. Ask the children to draw three rows of boxes to the side and 3 rows down so that the numbers into 9 squares (the number of boxes allowed 16 students to age appropriate box).
2. Write down the boxes with the names of things that have been determined teacher, you can use theme: fruits.
3. After the children write the names of fruit in the box at random,
4. Games begin! Ask children to listen carefully to the teacher pronounced the name of the fruit.
5. Teachers say the name of fruits such as grape, child must provide a cross in the box labeled grape, then the teacher said the banana, child crosses the banana box.
6. The winner of this game is a child who managed to make a diagonal, vertical or horizontal of the boxes which had been marked cross.
7. When the child successfully created a line of three rows of boxes marked with a cross (be diagonal, vertical or horizontal), shout BINGO!

Well, the above techniques are game of Bingo that uses the media ‘chalk and board. Are there any other more innovative media? Take advantage of the learning resources available on the internet. I tried to hold a Bingo game by downloading on the site Wiganshoolonline. Choose one game of bingo in there such as zoo animals.

Of course in learning with this web will be needed a computer, internet access and LCD projector to display images in full size. Fortunately, these files can be stored and served off line. The difference with conventional Bingo game is the way students complete the game. Here the children must affix an appropriate image of the spoken word by teacher. This bingo game is presented in power point. The pictures were interesting. This site may we use if we want to teach by using the pictures as props (teach with pictures). On this site we can also download a other bingo games

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